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             Gorging food for worms...

Chop the guzzling tube

     Beast of the belly

Violently starve

     One dust of evil infects

Soft fruits carve...


Cut the throat of

     Insatiable greed

Cow-like laziness

     Forcibly weed

One droplet of evil

     Envenoms, lies breed


Hermetic, clogged up cortex

     Insensible in rash vortex

Crush into pieces

     Skulls proud

Fiercely grind

     Stony, devious crowd


Spleen, gall, ill-will

     Settle into putrid kill

Asphyxiating charity

     Taking side with the unwise

Of green monster

     Gouge out thirsty eyes!


Of avenger habituated

     Rip out all veins infuriated

Wicked soul vastly mutilated...

     High dudgeon strangling

Suffocating with chimeric needs

     Hellion of hostility feeds.


Gut out hoggish senses

     Burn away filthy urge

Fortify Herculean defenses

     Tiniest drop of evil purge

In Cardinal Virtues surge...


Burn to ashes ego's sighing

     Doomed breathing/dying

Incinerate garbage heap

     Self-decimation frighteningly deep

Gang of insolent bandits sweep!


Human nature snaky

     Save from inner, outer

Heavy-handed dissipation

     Cogitators lost and shaky

Catastrophic resignation.


Ax the fruitless branches

     Trees barren behead

Send to the scaffold snake's head!

     In good earnest to True Vine leap...

Mephitic pile of iniquity weep!


Depart into damned exile,

     Lake of fetid fire

Go away! Leave! Move!

     Rancorous serpent,

Scrofulous cloven hoof!

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Dorothy Kardas on August 17, 2014 at 5:48 PM said:

Dear Aarron,
Thank you for supportive & truly enjoyable message to read. Yes, in every moment given by God we need to strive to be most pleasing to Him, and with the omnipotent heavenly aid fiercely battle the pandemic destructive influx of evil. Wishing you & your loved ones the gifts that ensure endless spiritual joys. With love... DK
Aarron on July 24, 2014 at 1:11 PM said:

SSSSSSSensational! Love to read the works of a true hearted lover of Christ. The bites and stings of truth everyone should heed. Great work Doctor. Keep striking hard and mighty. God love you.
Tom Beckhart on July 15, 2014 at 5:09 PM said:

Doc, you did it again! Thrilling attack at the 7 deadly sins with a graphic & powerful force! Realized this after the 2nd reading. We always find hidden gems when rereading your work. My mind is spinning with vivid imagery & my soul is breathing new air. Praise be God! Exciting & forceful way of stirring the insides. God bless...

(comment from Poem Hunter)

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