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Melancholy hits

paralyzing fiercely

every bit of wits

bringing to light

faults, errors, harsh words

all futile swinging of swords.

Paralysis of gray matter

by immersion in idle chatter.

Ark of silence stop fierce violence

dismal silence, fiery violence

seeking out idolized balance

lance - dismal silence, ruthless violence

lance violence from silence

silence advanced into violence

violence accelerated into silence

Forgive raging, words violent

take nutriment, feast on being silent

inertia, inaction, no more words

silenced, muted hellions hordes

The Crown of Thorns

aloud, eternally warns, horns

This Power... triumphs over

all inner discords...

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Charles A. on May 19, 2021 at 10:15 AM said:

As always amazing play with words to impart timeless wisdom & insights. I must confess that silence had helped me a lot when I exhausted all possible avenues to solve a conflict both at work & family situations. What a superb ending with the greatest reminder of the Crown of Thorns. Doc you never cease to amaze your readers. Keep writing!

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