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Outside of luminous Truth region

Abound monsters of depravity legion

Avalanche of scurrilous ideation

Through putrid deeds, damned lifestyles

Pullulating malignant scandalization


Intoxicated by the stench of Satan's abyss

By raging demons expelled from mind heavenly bliss

Recidivous, shrinking from labor, graceful inhibition

Scandalizers of young incorrupt minds,

Accelerating on the highway to perdition


Circulative wanderers - stone-blind to Holy Writ

Bleeding to death by lacking well-timed grit

Slumping into scheming, nauseant - suffering free swirl

Escapers from abode of holiness, Immaculate Hands

And, the expansive, charismatic gift of love ends...


Hardheadedly ungrateful, venomous vipers

Apostatized from the opulently fruit-bearing olive

Obstinately losing life ennobled and prodigious skill

Purblind opposers to wrestling for immortal life

Deprived of power to feast on His Regal Will


Consorting with the apostate, rebel angel,

Laying profane hands on Sacred Dwelling,

Violently destroying the Temple of the Holy One,

Breaking off from the Bloody, Healing Grip -

The Hand of the Father of Might, Father of Lights


Sons and daughters of the father of lies...






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Paul on January 21, 2015 at 2:18 PM said:

Dear Dr. Kardas,
Sons and daughters of Satan! Oh yes!!! These days those evildoers seem to greatly outnumber the true children of God. Great punches of reality and powerful style. Indeed, damned lifestyles of choice, 2 men , 2 women, 1 man, 1 woman etc. having kids by in vitro and other methods, killing more embryonic kids to have some!!! They are doing the ugliest work of Satan and excuse it as something wonderful. As you say Dr. it is impossible to talk of true love when they rebel against God's love and sacred laws! They spread SCANDAL, and we know what Our Lord said about scandal. Glad you remind people of perdition, we CAN'T warn them enough!!! God bless your work and your sister's! Paul & family

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