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Loud screams of not a whit

Apathetic to hammer blows...

Want of pious endurance and grit

Infinite evil insidiously flows

Crassness, idle pride

Willful abuse flauntingly glows

At all times bound to desultory move

Greedily burying heaven-sent gifts

On no occasion meeting with blessed groove


The blockish skull creates bad blood

Instant by instant sows wild oats

Trickiness, scandalous talk,

While breathing vengeance... gloats

Blind as bats, combative lunatics

Lacking metaphysic unrest

Auto-uncritical arch-heretics

Souls exiled, flunking the test...

Drowning in vice and idiocy

Alien to all curing Guest...

And, the boulder winks nerveless

At erupting lava, volcanic rocks,

Submissive to grandeur of nature

Cosmic forces and exacting walks...


Vow to (persistently!) bow

To the yoke of nature

For the breadth of mind dwells

In the perfect order laid down

By the one and only infallible Deity

Assuring consummate gaiety

Wisdom ripe inhere in the right order

Revealed by Sacred Preserver and Maker

And, abandoning the Throne of Grace

Is turning into a grisly, as cloven hoof, faker!


Will and kill

Wayward will

Sinking it in the flood

Of lowly Shepherd's Blood

Pluck the eye

Cut the limb

If they trudge

To sludge

Of sin!

Pull out

By the roots

Medley of

Lifeless whim

Crush the tail

Break the claws

Of the Tempter

Ditching ground

Of waffling woes


Mucky mound

Of shaky ground

Breeds maggots

Mutant, unsound

And, the sapience

Stands around...


Frozen skull


In Sapient Sound!

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Beverly Hills on November 9, 2013 at 2:06 PM said:

Excellent challenge! I suddenly bethought of myself. What has become of me? Time to regroup!

(comment from PoemHunter)
Carmen Phillip on November 9, 2013 at 2:03 PM said:

Trudging in the sludge of sin, indeed a mucky mound on shaky ground. Written a powerfully purposeful pen. Doom for those who ignore the Light of Christ's message. Repentance is NOW... or sadly never.

(comment from PoemHunter)
T.E. on September 27, 2013 at 11:55 AM said:

Amazingly created verse with a most powerfully purposeful hand. Your words of warning about sin have made me re-think some bad habits indeed. Thank you for the shock treatments. I must take my time and read some pieces several times for them to "take effect". God bless.

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