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Passion For Grace


Drowsy, torpid weakness

spiritual gangrenous sickness

unearned, inflated opinion of self

laboring slavishly against yourself

unruly, unsightly every passion

slaughtering bit by bit the gem

of ever remedial compassion

wasting - granted generously time

all of which is sole property of mine

Woe to me

if my intent

is not pleasing to Thee!

Erroneous, half-baked opinions

blindly staying dark foe's minions

screaming to cerebrally lazy hordes

content with surrendering to false lords.

Woe to me

if my service

is centered on me!

O Bloody Face

may remembrance

of each scar

be reminder

of stain of sin

of each and every mar.

Woe, woe and woe to me

if all my breaths

do not adore and praise Thee.

Each Sacred Drop of Blood

Infinite treasure of Grace

O Thine Holy Face

Disfigured Face

pouring the flood of Grace

Never forget Thine Bloody Divine Face

Breathe the breath of Passion

Oh, Bloody Face

Redeemer Mine

In every breath

Be adoration Thine.

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