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Demeaning self -

self-ish breed

on "me," "my,"

self - wolfishly feed

inexpertly displaying

want of nearness

to expertise

dirty dog - filthy beast!

Steadily absorbed in "me"

voluminous tide

wasted on me,

events willfully

tied to me

causes to marry

beneath me.

Fable lore

to make a show of me.

Any pulse, pulsation

rattles many more lies

an undisguised imitation,

     nefarious self-falsification!

Instead of self-sacrifice -

the bee's ways of life

settling for the way

of the ruthless ambition of a fly!

Drill in contriving

notice on all sides of me

through divers means

in a mushrooming frenzy

wide of the mark reams

for ill-aimed advance

as a hungover trance

in a legless, dead drunk dance!

Thinking of self

as "invulnerable" - drains!

Swollen claims

that it had brains!

Ugly turmoil, botched toil

Stop moil!

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