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Love's Reproof


the mount of winning Truth faithfully climb

at each step remain the truth valiant defender

through fire and water chase the truth's offender

for deflection from truth conquering is ghastly crime

fading away of truth is stepping in squelchy slime


like a mule wallowing in the mud of lying

the insides contaminated and step by step dying

as leech clinging to savage beast of denying

to procure its fictitious standing, bullheadedly lying

can no longer bear its violent dying! - Levity undying!


image oriented, to no avail building for self "throne"

the glimpses of reality dissipate, step by step are gone

grasping to fixed, illusive self complacent emotion

oblivious as a protozoan to "pure intention" notion

while the all-knowing Eye, moment by moment sigh


to rebuke or not to rebuke?


is not true as steel love welded

together with epinician truth -

a towering work - Heaven bound?


when final destiny is at stake

iniquity grave, obdurate grudge

dare not - make a mistake

by insisting "who am I to judge?"

but rather to

sharply reproof

the one enslaved

by the Wicked One

cloven hoof!

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Max Steiner on February 19, 2017 at 10:52 AM said:


Powerful verse packed with profound insights written in style that stirs up souls! Yah, with no truth, the liars are dying inside & often as you put it because of the image conscious mentality & stupidity! Love the idea of correcting & rebuking the evildoers. Sadly, tolerating evil became almost a virtue in our society. As Christians, we need to correct the ones who are living in serious sins, and are destroying their souls - offending our SAVIOR! When we love we rebuke as you say for love & truth are always welded together. Great imagery! Thank you Dr. and God bless your work. You listen to God well.

(comment from Poem Hunter)

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