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Limb Reaching Out...


Tears are drenching wrinkles

On fatigued, weary face

Is this wallowing in self-pity

Or pangs of conscience phase?


Words muted, barely audible

Beseeching the Holy One & Immutable

Is the entreaty betoken by lips humble

Or engrossed in self & thus formidable?


Due intent is the timeless demand

Shallow-headed, unsated desire

Bag of dirty tricks toss into fierce fire

Trounce incessantly the foe dire.


While the curing gift of grace endures abated

The fruit-bearing dance remains forfeited

Living soul commits doomed self-destruction

Willfully toiling in evil conscience, fatal infraction.


Crucified Love bind the soul to the Glorious Tree

The allures of this world be crucified to me

Bound for all time to the Cross, never forsaking Thee

Under the Tree of His dolorous Passion

Bathe in Blood of purging, Redemptive Love

The King of kings tears off the pierced Hand

From the Life-Giving Tree to ardently reach thee...


Clutch at the Arm of Mercy

For His passions

Are forever thirsty

Stained with Blood

Savagely pierced Hand

That will the final


Judgment signal

And command...

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Dorothy Kardas on May 29, 2016 at 1:42 PM said:

Dear O'Neil Family,

Your valuable kindness & thoughtfulness in commenting on my work is treasured & forever appreciated! I am sure that the Heavenly BOSS smiled & always looks graciously at such gestures of charity. As you prudently stated, It is all about Him... I am just a little "hermit" on His mission. Our website was inspired by the MERCIFUL ONE just like your precious message & you responded so generously! May God bless you super-abundantly! With eternal gratitude & love... DK
The O'Neils on May 27, 2016 at 4:08 PM said:

Very powerful website Dr. Kardas. Takes your breath away, especially when we meditate upon the content. Truely a blessing to have found this site and to have the opportunity to tell you how much your words have touched our lives. Thank you dearest friend in Christ for reaching out to lost, poor souls. This is indeed " As Good As It Gets!" Thank you Dearest Lord Jesus for leading us here to be able to ponder Your work through Dr. Kardas. Love & Prayers, The O'Neil Family.
Annalee on April 21, 2016 at 5:07 PM said:

Powerful creation that invites to self-scrutiny, the motives of our actions that are pleasing to God only if done out of love and total devotion to Him - NOT our self-interests! Amazing how much you convey in each poem. We LOVE the ending the most. The image of Christ reaching out in His agony from the Cross, forgetting His pain to save and console us! The perfectly merciful Heart of Christ that no one on this earth can ever truly appreciate and understand. Dr. you are masterful in evoking the right and strong emotions. Thank you again for sharing this most significant message.

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