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The ill of self-will

raised by perverse worms

reaching top of high hill

untrembling for burning,

revealing rays of the Sun...

The Sun that betrays

minute malefaction

self-will and pious duty

have no natural kingship,

no congenial attraction!


look on death of self-will


Willfulness annihilates benefaction

digs grave in lethal distraction

void of breastplate of charity

mantling of fortitude, saving Grace

self-indulgently opted for suicidal pace


look on death of self-will


Self-will takes life of charity

barring portal to insight of self

and royal gateway into land

of remedial humility...

for vitality of modesty

is unallied with scandalous,

diseased dishonesty


disjoin hands with perversity


Golden lowliness

remains deep-rooted

in befitting ken of self...

guiding to ravishing orderliness

sublimity of highly colored holiness...


a rotten stock

dares - the Sun of Justice -

to mock!


Devoid of

                 regality of charity,

                 right arm of humility,

                 iron grip of self,

                 saving quality...

Another self-destructive

sinister shell

in infernal regions

willfully fell...

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Dorothy Kardas on October 6, 2014 at 5:29 PM said:

Dear Keisha R.
Thank you for this great gesture of kindly commenting on my work, and your best wishes which I sincerely appreciate and value. Yes, we all have supreme - mounting responsibility for our own and inseparably others' souls until we take our last breath. In essence, I "sermonize" to myself first, hoping and knowing that only through the power of God - the Spirit of Truth and Love other souls will be awakened as to what eternally matters or be strengthened in their personal relationship with the Crucified God. May God bless you richly for your generous spirit, and may Christ's Gaze always graciously rest upon you and your loved ones. With love - DK
Keisha R. on September 18, 2014 at 7:12 PM said:

I am thrilled to be able to tell you have much I enjoy your artist works. It's a mind blowing explosion of thoughts and fears, but something in all of us we must confront - our failings in the sight of God. Love it when you boldly confront evil and tell it like it is! Also, love the comments you write back to people, it's like reading a mini lesson in theology. May the Good Lord bless you for your generosity for enlightening our spiritual well being. Keep up the great work in the name of Jesus.
Dorothy Kardas & Carolyn Johnson on May 19, 2014 at 5:13 PM said:

Dear Jib,
Many thanks for your warm-hearted messages that we keep fondly in our minds. They are written in a candidly self-reflective spirit which is always valuable. Please, be certain that Carolyn and I will keep you and your family in our daily prayers. No action effected by self-will ever pleases God. When we faithfully seek and obey the perfect will of God - out of love for Him - God takes away our weaknesses and replaces them with His strength and gifts. Authentic greatness of the soul therefore consists of loving and serving God in accordance with His holy will - all actions always carried out in a humble spirit. Our only and ultimate goal, as you prudently concluded, is to achieve the highest sanctity of life and hence be most pleasing to God. May Our Merciful Savior grant you and your loved ones constant supernatural help - guiding you all safely into heavenly Kingdom.
With kind regards to you and your family. In union with God's love...
Jib on May 6, 2014 at 9:44 AM said:

You have said solid gold words. I know, because my weaknesses stem from self will. Pray for me, because I am trying to undo the bad things in my life now. Jesus saves, but I need to do all I can to rid my soul of the fatal virus you speak of. The scars are hard to get rid of, but with God's help I can do it. Self Will MUST GO!!! Many gracious thanks for your "push" Dr. K. My loving family sends best wishes too. Sorry my English is not very advanced, but we do understand your messages and appreciate them completely. Please pray for us to be the persons God created us to be.
Bruce on December 15, 2013 at 5:05 PM said:

Rotten stock indeed! An excellent summary of what leads to destruction & damnation of a soul. Mighty powerful way of expression with a forceful & haunting effect! It made me think of a saint who said: "destroy self will & there will be no hell!" Thanks & God bless.

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