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Dwelling in dens of paganism

inebriated with toxicants of demons

corrupters of families,

devoured by ruinous confusion,

fashioning dams of rebellion

of perverse interfusion,

overmastering the little ones

by ill-conditioned love's illusion.


Enslaved to jaws of death

unaware of the malice

of ferocious devil's breath!


Infants unborn liquidated

inimitable, beyond price "tissue"

harvested, grisly mistreated,

used as mere commodity,

in food products incorporated!


Immortal souls desecrated...


Monsters of wickedness

with viciousness of damned spirits,

ruthless to helpless eyes,

depravers of natural ties

will never cross the threshold to

the realm of heavenly wealth!


Lovers true are illimitably far

from the smallest disfiguring mar,

keeping before eyes the escape

from the incurable, terminal scar...


Deniers of love - rejecters of life,

drinking from cups of demons,

souls with no radiance of Truth,

devourers of sickening lie,

souls with no geyser of Love,

forfeited conscience,

abiding in disgrace

as malignant tumors - die...




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Dr. Trainor on November 7, 2014 at 7:04 AM said:

What a fabulous addition to our favorite site, Dr. Kardas!
The poem here is a grand study and learning experience of what abortion is being "used for" without common knowledge. We urge everyone-everywhere to look up ingredients being devilishly incorporated into human consumption- it's not only astounding but horrifying and disgusting how little human life is valued in this day and age. Furthermore, people beware of what is incorporated into your medications! So-called advances in science and medicine? I think not! As you say Dr. Kardas, from Satan's cup.
BRAVO to the exceptionally well done audio essays on sin. This topic shall be had assigned to many; for WE ALL need to hear it over & over again. Thank you for sharing your God given talents with all of us. W.T.

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