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Choose One's Ground

hell-born ideas cruising around

invasion of degrading softness

laziness, craziness of cognizing

wild, seditious babbling abound


numskulls of damnable destruction

devoid of spark of golden innocence

hard-hearted - not convicted - criminals

drenched thoroughly in innocent blood


souls lifeless persisting in coffins of enmity

un-liberated for woeful repulsion to Light

unreal for dismissing to Truth any affinity

displeasing to Deus by undying fetidity


creatures vain chained to progressive depravity

lacking real voice and overflowing fruit of revelation

bloodless beings laboring for the arch-tempter

smoothly falling into tyrannous temptation


limbs of satan lingering in unquenched megalomania

insensible of benefits, at war with servility and self-abnegation

children of night, swamped in fabled superiority

maddened in lawless fatuity, oblivious to diseased desolation


self-absorption at odds with self-accusing tendency

wrecked on the land of wicked sterility and vacancy

hardened deceivers, revolters, obstinate despoilers

irritating, infuriating, aggravating destroyers


corrupters of lambs and doves, violent foes to themselves

uncultivated in virtue where the saintly speedily delves

aggravating destroyers, plunged in dead works, bleak fancy

can stir up only abyssal sorrow and aggravated clemency

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Dorothy Kardas on July 19, 2015 at 6:19 PM said:

Dear Gus,
Thank you Sir for this courteous act of favorably commenting on my work for which I am truly indebted; your kind gesture provided a uniquely indispensable inspiration. Wishing you and your loved ones grace-filled days and abundant divine riches. In union with Christ's love... DK
Ol' Gus on July 14, 2015 at 1:16 PM said:

Great job Doc! Best essays I ever read, learning so much for an old guy. Poetry has never been a favorite in my book, but YOU have changed my life around. God be with you....Write On!
Anthony T. on June 11, 2015 at 6:24 PM said:

Dr. Kardas, your high quality work helps me in discovering myself. Wisdom as you often remind us starts with humility, knowing we are lost or corrupt without God's help, and serving Him alone brings about the greatest miracle, we become true to ourselves by cooperating with God's graces, have real courage, real knowledge and grow in real love. Either we serve God or are limbs of Satan, there is no middle ground! Serving God is the only real joy, is the only goal and hope in this messy and pathetic world. A good many loons staying on the path to destruction don't want to hear about God's Truth and His great mercy. They are the worst enemies to themselves! Dr. God gave you a gift of facing and hitting human craziness and wickedness with the blasting power of a keg of dynamite! GBU

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