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Block of Wood

Lukewarmness shakes hands

With repugnant mediocrity,

Paving ways to vast lands -

Slavery of infidelity...

Banishing from thoughts

Bronze Feet

Dismissing out of hand

Incontestable Strength

Triumphal Immutability,

Mystified by Divine Attribute -

Sharing in Unsurpassed Divinity,

Tree of Life - full of glory,

Transfigured immortality...


Haughty boots

Tramp on grounds of

Unthinkable fancies

Engaged in lawless,

Puerile levity, bitter frenzies

Indelible with leukemia of ideas,

Infectious passive consent,

Decaying ego trip lament

Doziness, heaviness of "I"

Title maniacs, self-proclaimed experts

Dilly-dallying, shilly-shallying

Sitting on the fence

Sages, geniuses of decadence!

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Dorothy Kardas on August 10, 2015 at 6:50 PM said:

Dear Jane & Rick,
Thank you for this heartfelt & most encouraging words, which indubitably will be the motivator to become more pleasing to Our Redeemer, and for which I am forever indebted & thankful (I will try to live up to your kind evaluation of my work). Being more deeply united to Him who gave me/us all - His perfect Love on the Cross is my daily supplication & desire, knowing that without His all-powerful Love & Grace, we cannot accomplish anything. Wishing you & your family the richest harvest of Graces in union with Christ... With love - DK
Jane & Rick T. on July 24, 2015 at 9:59 AM said:

This has been the greatest spiritual treasure to read. We very much appreciate your candor and expression of Truth in every form. If you haven't been nominated the Best Christian Writer...well we certainly do! Your work inspires and demands us to pay attention to God's Will. Thanks you so much for sharing on many sites your gems of Inspired wisdom. We just love to share all we what have learned.
Joe on October 30, 2014 at 5:19 PM said:

You've really captured the description of all the HOT SHOT BLOCKHEADS out there. Well done Dr. K! Lukewarmness of souls hurts Our Lord the most, not to mention the deadly sins being committed so haphazardly these days. You always manage to make me take a better inventory of myself and motivate me to warn others to do likewise. Wish this message spreads to all the so-called experts. They all need a huge dose of humility (and I don't exclude myself here either!). Thanks again for another masterpiece in soul searching.:)
Rachael K. on October 4, 2014 at 6:12 PM said:

The "I" ruins it all for us here & hereafter! If only we could truly focus on doing God's business alone & forget the "I" what a great world would this be! And the passivity or lukewarmness of so many people is just heart breaking. Great lessons in each of your poems Dr. to turn into daily practice. Love the convincing ways & surprises thru which you express God's truth. Praise be God! And, God bless you & your sister!

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