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(mere prompt...)

Crudity concealing

Sinister pull revealing

Full armor of vindictive feeling

End of reviving relations

Conceptual chaos -

Fast mental mutations

                             Cold-blooded animal!

(Cessation of animation...)

Alas! Life's termination!


The spaciousness of

Unfeathered ken -

The tragic flaw of man


Wicked delusions, intellective lunacy

Cruel, relentless crowning with thorns...


Hiding crudity -

Unclouded revealer of

Matured stupidity,

Unfledged maturation

Steering for oppression of spirit

Depths of misery propagation


The roominess of

Presumptuous mien -

Rash outbreak of rueful green


Trampling justice - into dust

Tender mercies - outcast

Ambitions disordered - outlast

Mental torments - diversify fast

Consumed in diseased moneymaking

Seared conscience, fanatically

Offensively faking!

Tyrannous usurper, boaster

Foreboding imposter...

Deaf and dumb

Domiciling in lie

Die - false self - die!


Death or deathless nobility...


Die away 

Shocking scandal

Pestilential cupidity

Lack of conscience

Bloodstained improbity!


Unmindful of favors - hellhounds

While heavenly plenty awaiting

For all invitees to arrive

Strive mad, deviating creatures

To be-come super-naturally Alive...



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Dorothy Kardas on October 6, 2014 at 5:53 PM said:

Dear Jack & Jill Druin,
A heart full of thanks for this exceptional kindness and honesty that your message contains, which I always cherish and admittedly read it with memorable delight. No doubt, to awaken the voice of conscience which is "the echo of God's Voice" in human souls is our constant and sacred duty. Sadly, we all have some members either in our immediate or extended families who are in need of serious conversion. As Our Lord is - beyond comparison - patient with each sinner, we too must realize that giving up is never an option. The power of prayer, sacrifices, fasting etc. with the omnipotence of divine Grace, can transform the stonehearted, and effectuate the greatest miracles within the human soul. Please, be assured of our prayers in your intentions, and for your family members as well. May God of Peace and Joy grant you superabundance of heavenly riches. Always with love - DK
Jack & Jill Druin on September 24, 2014 at 9:58 AM said:

What a cannonade of on target shots! We ALL love reading your works especially when we have some extra time to sit and ponder what we've just read. It's so hard for some folk to hear the truth put to them point blank. You do the greatest job stressing the evil is a choice, the devil already has too many cat's paws through out the world. Our task is to get them back on track in God's Light of Truth. And you, Dr. Kardas are a master at this task! Sometimes I scare myself, as to my thinking. So I'm glad we have someone out there to knock some sense back into our puny brains! Honestly, my wife and I have such a hard time even with close family. It's easy to lead the hose to water but... we won't give up. Thanks for the great evincing arguments. Love, J&J
David Rollins on September 9, 2014 at 3:03 PM said:

Another excellent analysis of human folly that leads to utter misery. Death or deathless nobility indeed. Too many walking zombies around these days that never discover their true self. True self that can be found only in the closest relationship with God. As always, great helpful insights, and educational suggestions. The ending is truly awakening. To be supernaturally alive rejecting sin, obeying God is to be truly alive. Thanks again, Doc!
Dorothy Kardas on September 7, 2014 at 8:51 PM said:

Dear Madeline K. Nugenti,
Thank you for this absolutely refreshing message delivered in the spirit of admired sincerity, candor & charity. Needless to say, I battle the powers of darkness daily - sometimes minute by minute. This earthly journey is only our training for Eternity, and those of us who try to follow Our Dearest Savior must enjoy the greatest challenges, be frequently acquainted with provocation & oppositional hostility.
May Christ's Gaze always graciously rest upon you... With Love, blessings & prayers - DK
Madeline K. Nugenti on August 30, 2014 at 5:17 PM said:

What great a spiritual banquet of emotions! I cannot begin to tell you the gamut of emotions my soul has been tossed through reading your works. Sadness,,fear,hope,terror,pity,humor,helplessness,courage, and on and on...Thank you for the great awakening of mind and spirit. I love the challenge and learn so much how to deal with my failings. Most importantly,I pray more for our society to change as I see all my faults more clearly. Sometimes it takes someone just like You, Doctor Kardas, to make us step back and take the honest plunge into reality. And YES! and just scare the devil out of me!

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