Glimpse At Deviltry

Manifold raging temptations

Are seized by tolerably grasping

Violent dynamics of arch-vile pathology

Devil's relentlessly roaring epidemiology


The patterns and inner workings of evil

The wretchedness and abysmal famine

Are at all times enlarged and fatten

By perversely unyielding volition of humans


By spiritual substance of mortals!


Never tasting invigorating satiety

Doggedly engaged in wicked worthlessness

Condemning itself to dark restlessness

Signing notoriously the warrant of death


In endless time never savoring a bit of rest

Bloody hands corrupting ferociously what's best

Demonic feet dart about in desert restively

Twisting, destroying the path to ageless test


Severing ties to the Maker by hostile spite

The union with the Only Solace of creatures

Jaws of hell widely gaping to perverse generation,

Bleeding mercilessly open Wounds of Love


Preferring human megrims to Luminous Presence

Idolatries that enslave rather than Liberating Lover

In slavery to senseless fancies, weighty infidelities

Boiling in lethal fluids of repulsive iniquities


Unrigorous reptiles inebriated with profane snakiness

Wallowing in reckless betrayals, chronic self-indulgence

Stick-to-itive mutineers dead to the Voice of the Innocent One

Shrilling scandalizing rebellion to Life-Giving Sacrifice


Taking in all malice, slimy, disgusting guilt

In fixed opposition to Permutational Love

Sin crushing skeletons, leaving skulls blind

In perpetuity, pigheaded forces of soul will scorch, grind


In conative will, snatched by vicious wolf from Worshipful Hands

The futurity of ever-flowing Love, all-healing Grace ends

Bringing into being hellish cruelty, perverse, grotesque mind

Unknowing of Protective Arms cannot Eternal Pastures find...


Cut the arms unstretched to propitious fate of others

       Dissenting legs in the service of life-imparting reward

Masterly Pruner, cut off fruitless branches

       Cut out tongues not proclaiming Truth

Yet breeding root and branch satanic lies

       Cut off sick, diseased limbs

              Not to be cut off from celestial highs...


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Dorothy Kardas on June 7, 2015 at 5:59 PM said:

Dear Ms. Demers, heartfelt thanks for writing this message marked by admirable candor, as well as warm encouragement which earned exceptional and joyful place in my soul. (It is not a coincidence that you mentioned about others' unwillingness to admit their culpability since I have just completed a verse addressing in one stanza this same issue). May our interior lives and intentions be always pleasing to Our Redeemer. Wishing you heavenly riches in reaching spiritual perfection. With love... DK
Lynette Demers on May 26, 2015 at 10:30 AM said:

Dear Dr. Kardas, There are no words in my vocabulary that can describe the quality of your works. All that comes to mind is, brutally honest and mind blowing. Indeed, all is in sweet accord to Our Masters commands and desires but most most have to be in dire straits before they will admit to their faults. Personally, I was one of those poor lost souls until I returned to The Church and repented. I find your words so inspiring. Keep writing...
Mark Billings Jr. on May 14, 2015 at 5:12 PM said:

Powerful, powerful stuff on this site! Great & helpful spiritual insights to wrap around the brain. What echoes in my mind is that evil is always enlarged by humans. It's scary to realize that evil survives & thrives on our will to allow it or say "yes' to it! Reality shaking insights & phrases like "blind skulls". Indeed, folks are so spiritually dead that are totally blind & totally empty! My favorite line here is that our sins open the wounds of our Savior & make it mercilessly bleed. Yes! Chop out all within us Lord that displeases you! Dr. this poem is far more than just a glimpse at evil. God bless!

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